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miami charter fishing

Miami Charter Fishing

Miami Beach is the meka for Miami Charter Fishing boats specializes in game fish, such as swordfish, blue Marlin, wahoo, dolphin (mahi-mahi), yellowfin tuna and skip jack tuna tend to prefer deep blue water ranging from the surface to about 1,000 fathoms. The rule of thumb in Miami Charter fishing trips is when deep sea fishing, the deeper the water the bigger the fish. Yet, monster fish have been caught just out side our docks. So its just a rule of thumb, not a fact of fishing. You never know when or where a big fish will strike next,  in Miami the waters get deep just two and 1/2 miles off shore with a 1000 ft just under four miles offshore.

So you arrive at the fishing grounds fast and ready to start catching fish! Here at the sport fishing crew is prepared to hook up and boat fish at all times.

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Miami Charter Fishing is close to the top in the ocean’s food chain for anglers. When fishing for the popular dolphin (mahi-mahi) and wahoo which frequent Miami Offshore Fishing grounds, it’s second to none. These predators are great fun to catch with opportunities all year long. Miami offshore fishing for the Mahi-Mahi goes through a full swing [Read More…]

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Planning to going on a deep sea fishing trip? One fishing destination not to miss is Miami Beach. This city offers a number things to do and thrilling entertainment opportunities for visitors.  In Miami you can sun on the white sandy beaches our go offshore fishing in the world class South beach ocean. [Read More…]

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Wreck fishing has many variations. I will cover a few basics but all aspects of this type of fishing can be covered here. By wreck fishing, I refer to fishing areas of rough bottom, artificial reefs and shipwrecks. My descriptions relate to fishing along the Miami Beach coast. Some of this material relates to structure fishing overall and some are common to the local area. [Read More…]

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Miami Inshore Fishing in the backwaters of Miami Beach for snook, snapper, trout and tarpon. The east coast of Florida offers some of the best fishing opportunities for scoring the Miami inshore fishing slam.  Miami is one of Florida’s largest open-water estuary at high tide. The flats are a popular destination for recreation, and supports one of the world’s most productive natural estuaries. [Read More…]