Charter Choices for Miami Fishing

Miami Tarpon Fishing

Captain’s charter choices are for Miami, Fl. We have been actively fishing Miami and surrounding waters since we were a child. Experienced and Seasoned in Big Dolphin (Mahi Mahi), and Sailfish, our Captain’s have been successfully honing in on his new favorite specialty, Day Time Swordfish! Our Captains fish on the 27’ Blue Pursuit from Haulover Inlet. The boat is Comfortable for parties of up to Four or Five, and there is sufficient protection from the elements in case of rainy weather. Our Captain’s will always keep his crew a First Priority. Usually in inclement weather the Captain will advise on the status of the trip within 12-24 hours of scheduled departure.

Your trips choices can be done be species of fish….


Or you can choice your trip by the style of trip…

Miami Inshore Fishing Trip

Miami Offshore Fishing Trip

Miami Deep Sea Fishing Trip

Miami Wreck Fishing Trips


Or you can choose your trip by the length of the trip…

1/2 Day (4 Hours)

3/4 Day (6 Hours)

Full Day (8 Hours)


Typically,  whatever is running, and biting, be rest assured your going to be targeting that species!