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Miami Offshore Fishing

Miami Offshore Fishing

Miami Offshore Fishing sits at the top of the list for anglers looking for something unique. When an offshore species strikes your lure or bait, it rushes adrenaline through your veins. While waiting for the strike to unfold, you get the chance to be at one with the Ocean. Miami, FL is a beautiful destination and city to visit. It includes everything you need for an exciting adventure and vacation in South Florida. Enjoy the beaches, nightlife, dining, and most importantly, the fishing while visiting Miami.

Furthermore, exploring Miami Offshore Fishing provides a therapeutic calming that puts you in bliss. In addition, you get to get exercise in when the desired species strikes the line together with incredible table fare. Offshore Fishing is the ultimate outdoor experience that can provide your family with memories of a lifetime.

Whenever you are looking to explore Miami, FL, you will get the opportunity to land several offshore game fish. Each season brings about a new fight and species to target. It keeps fishing and the experience unique every time you adventure out on the water. Additionally, our local experts will educate you on the history of Miami and the top things to do when visiting this beautiful destination.

South Florida and Miami Beach have an abundance of outdoor experiences to offer provided that you embark on the adventure. Here at Fishing Charters Miami Beach, we are here to help you along the journey of planning the ultimate Florida vacation for the whole family!

Complete Miami Offshore Charter Trip Details

  • Duration Options: 4hrs, 6hrs, 8 hrs
  • Itinerary: Print & Mobile Voucher by email
  • Booking: Instant online confirmation
  • You Guide: Full-time professional captain
  • Weather: Free Canaellation due to weather


  • Private Trip (Your party only)
  • Complimentary Fishing license
  • Photos of your catch
  • Fishing Cleaning


  • Downtown Miami spectacular view from the water all while fishing
  • Enjoy the magical sights of the Bay area of Miami
  • Make a toast to your family & friends with a cold beer.
  • Relax in the knowledge that your highly-experienced captain has everything.

Cruise down the intercostal and backwater of Biscayne Bay of Miami while soaking up the sun on this fun fishing adventure. Enjoy the beautiful scenery as you experience the thrill of catching Trout, snapper, snook, mackerel, jack crevelle, ladyfish and tarpon.

This trip can be 4, 6 or 8 hours, which can be scheduled flexiable for you in the AM or PM. Times gennerally are 7am to 3pm for 8 hour trip, 7am or 12m start time for 6 hour trip and the 4 hour starts either 7am, 11am or 2pm.

Sit back and relax in the Miami sunshine as you jet through the inshore areas of Biscayne Bay. Climb aboard a comfortable boat, joining a licensed captain who provides fishing rods and reels, all the tackle you can use, and state-of-the-art safety equipment. Stop by the best fishing spots as you make your way down the urban intracoastal waterway, never losing sight of the stunning Miami skyline and multi-million dollar homes along the shore.

So grab your hat, sunglasses and camera. All you have to do is step on board, cast a pole and wait for the tug on the other end your Miami Inshore fishing guides will do everything else!

Meeting Point

  • Miami Beach, Fl 33141

Important information

  • Meet approximately 15 minutes before your scheduled trip. This can be anytime, your captain will verify the meeting time and place for you. A 48-hour cancellation notice is required. All children are welcome; all passengers under 18 years must be accompanied by an adult or parents must sign waiver. Trips are always subject to weather conditions. Must be 21 in order to consume alcohol. Non-participants can come along and watch, but they consider part of the group.

More about Miami Offshore Activity

In just a short boat ride out of the Port of Miami or Government’s Cut, you can access some of the most pristine waters of the Atlantic Ocean. Miami, FL proximity to the Gulf Stream allows for a wide range of species to be caught all trip long.

Our Miami Offshore fishing Captains and Guides are lifetime anglers and outdoorsmen. Becoming a Captain is a dream come true for many anglers that want to share their passion for fishing, the water, and ultimately the great outdoors. It has shaped our lives and it can most certainly alter yours.

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Why fish with Miami Offshore fishing guides!

Our Miami Beach Fishing Guides have the experience of being an Offshore fishing guide for over 30 years that will bring you great success. There are so many different species of fish and so many different ways to fish for them, which makes Miami Beach Offshore Fishing so exciting. For this reason, it truly makes fishing the area so much fun all year long.

When Miami Offshore Fishing, there are predominant species – Mahi-Mahi, Kingfish, Sailfish, Wahoo, and the mighty Swordfish. Each seasonal temperature and pattern chance will promote strengths for catching each species. It does not matter what fish you actually catch, they are all just fun to get explosive action from.

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Brief description of Miami Offshore Species

When embarking on a Miami Beach Offshore Fishing Charter, we focus on the species you desire to catch. Seasonal changes alter the success or presence of certain species. When you are embarking on an offshore fishing charter, each season will provide a targeted species that fight-hard, run far, and skyrocket through the surface performing acrobatic jumps. Several listed species can provide this and make your Miami Beach Fishing Charter something truly exciting. The photos of them when they jump or roll, although this is not an easy thing to do are photos you will show for a lifetime.

A very common Miami Offshore Fishing Species to catch is the Mahi-Mahi. The Mahi has an explosive growth rate along with vibrant colors that make it a top species to catch. Almost all year you can find one but the best time of the year to catch Mahi-Mahi is April-July. This is when you will catch your Cows and Bulls, the fish you are after. Another amazing part about this species is that it has a fantastic table fare. Catch and Cook your catch at a local Miami restaurant after a wonderful day on the water!

Many travelers come to Miami to catch the ultimate acrobatic species, the Mighty Sailfish. This is a highly sought-after species to catch for its high sportfishing qualities. If you are looking for a fight you will never forget, embark on a Miami Offshore Fishing Charter.

While doing so, please be conscious of conservation. Keep them wet and safely release this species as they play a major role in our offshore ecosystem. The best time of year to catch Sailfish in Miami is from the first cold front to the last one, so from November through May. You can even catch a summertime Sailfish but those are less common. Put up a kite or troll live bait on the surface to create a presentation that is irresistible.

Several other species including Wahoo, Kingfish, Tuna, and Swordfish are other popular catches. You can catch Wahoo strong all summer long as well as right after the first cold fronts that come in October through February. Kingfish can be caught all year long. Tuna is best caught during the springtime from the months March through June around the first warming trends of the year. We can get you in touch with our local experts that can provide an updated fishing report and get you on the fish of a lifetime!

Heck, let go Miami Deep Sea fishing!

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