Miami Tarpon Fishing

Tarpon are an iconic fish in Miami and Miami Beach is one of the best places to catch tarpon. These large, silvery fish are cunning and put up a great fight. They are also known to leap out of the water high into the air and roll and flip. Surprisingly, when Miami Tarpon fishing, you’re much better off staying inshore on the rivers and canals or in the ocean inlet.

Tarpon can grow to be over 8 feet long. Most of our tarpon in Miami range from 5 to 7 feet. Miami tarpon can be as heavy as 250 pounds. Tarpon has a blueish or greenish color and has shiny scales over their entire body. Tarpon doesn’t exist just in Miami, they can be found all along the east coast of the United States all the way up to Delaware and are also very common in the Atlantic ocean.

There are many fishing charter operators that focus exclusively on tarpon, but all Miami Inshore fishing charter captains have extensive experience with tarpon fishing. Our Miami fishing captains even have their own secret tarpon spots.

We can accommodate requests for tarpon charters using light tackle or we can fish for tarpon on any of our boats as well.


Miami Tarpon can be caught year around. In the winter and spring your chances of catching tarpon in Miami are even higher because many tarpons migrate south during the winter to escape the cold water.


You can use all types of rods and reels for tarpon fishing in Miami. But keep in mind, tarpon are big and strong. A cheap rod and cheap reel may be overpowered by these large fish.


When Miami tarpon fishing we prefer using crabs, shrimp, or pilchards. Both live bait and dead bait work as do artificial baits and lures. But we always prefer live bait. The downside of live bait is that it’s pricier and attracts other fish that might steal it, but we think it provides your best chance of catching a tarpon. Bye catch which is as popular if the Miami Snook.

For additional information on the Miami Tarpon specie visit the Fish & Wildlife website by clicking here!

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