Miami Sea Trout Fishing


Miami Sea Trout Fishing


With its streamlined body; mouth with sharp teeth; and ranging in colors from gray or silvery with black spots on its sides. to quite dark, or even gold, when fishing in the back bays.

Sea trout can be found inshore and nearshore around and in seagrass meadows, mangrove shorelines, some deep holes, and channels or above and around oyster bars. Free line lives shrimp or small grunts near the bottom to bring trout out of their grass-bed holes. you can also Attach a float which will allow the baits to drift over the grass beds. soft-bodied jigs, top-water poppers, and spoons can also yield some spectacular results. Trout are delicate, returning unwanted or illegal fish quickly and safely to the water is necessary to maintain a healthy population. Spotted sea trout are also a great eating fish if prepared properly.

Sea trout are caught by commercial and recreational anglers, but recreational fishing brings the majority of the catch. Nearly all spotted sea trout are caught with hook and line since many locations have banned fishing for them using gill nets. The most common and best bait to use is shrimp, especially live ones, although larger trout prefer smaller bait such as menhaden. One catching technique, after dark, is to use a glow stick in the water and casting it around, since these fish are attracted to the light.