Miami Snook Fishing


Miami Snook Fishing is one of the most commonly requested typed of saltwater sportfishing in Miami is Snook fishing.  Snook fishing in Miami is popular for a number of reasons, Miami Snook fishing is a challenging, exciting, fun, and rewarding experience we highly recommend for the whole family.  Snook can be found in abundance off the coast of Miami Beach.  They are strong fast fish giving all anglers an exciting experience with an excellent fight.  Snook in Miami has been recorded swimming inshore and offshore at different times of the year.  Their bodies are perfectly designed for catching small bait fish and putting up a good fight.  Snook fishing in Miami can be very successful with dead bait, live bait, and artificial lures.  When a Snook hits one of our baits you’ll not only feel the power of the fish but also hear it in the strike.


Most commonly Snook fishing in Miami is done with lures or on live-bait.  Besides being one of the most fun fish to catch while Miami inshore fishing they are also one of the most delicious.  The popularity of Snook has risen tremendously with the increased demand for topwater fishing.  A common question we get on many of our charters is “Can we eat the Snook.”  In theory yes the fresh Miami Snook would be great to eat, but it is seasonal and protected by the Florida Fishing and Wildlife Commission. So, yes if you’re here during the season and we catch you fish in the slot limit you are welcome to take some with you.  Miami Snook Fishing is not only one of our customer’s favorites but our captains’ as well.

To gather more information about Miami Snook fishing and the Florida Snook check out the Fish & Wildlife website by clicking here!